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Homeowner Association Attorney Seminars

HOA Law Seminars


Michael T. Chulak & Associates, A Law Corporation offers free homeowner association legal seminars throughout Southern California.

Topics covered:
  • New laws

  • Duties of board members

  • Amending your governing documents

  • Collection alternatives, foreclosures

  • CC&R enforcement

  • Construction defects and mold

  • Mediations, arbitrations, litigation

  • Nuisances and restraining orders

  • Meetings and election procedures

  • Legal compliance

  • Davis-Stirling

  • Satellite Dish Antenna Rules

Who should attend:
  • Board members

  • Homeowners

  • Property managers

  • Real estate agents

There will be a question and answer session. Valuable handouts will be provided.

Make reservations now; seating is limited. Call (818) 991-9019 or view schedule of seminars and register online. Schedule is updated monthly.

Another Alternative...

Arrange a Private Free Homeowner Association Legal Seminar

You can arrange a private, free homeowner association seminar for your homeowner association, real estate brokerage office or other similar group anywhere in Los Angeles or Ventura counties by calling (818) 991-9019 or via email. We ask that a minimum of 15 people attend.


We would like to thank those members of the following homeowner associations who have attended our free homeowner association legal seminars:

1100 Wilshire Condominiums
8th Council District Neighborhoods
Acqua Vista Condominiums
Adobe Grande HOA, Inc.
Agoura Country HOA
Agoura Country Owners Association
Anacapa View COA
Anaheim Hills Homeowners Association
Annandale II Townhomes
Arroyo Del Mar HOA
Arroyo Grande HOA, Inc.
Arroyo Terrace Association
Aviara Master Association
Balboa Biltmore COA
Balboa Townhomes Owners Association
Barker Block Lofts
Barnett Building Lofts
Barrington West Gardens HOA
Bayshores Community Association
Bel Air Crest Master Association
Bel Air Estates At Mulholland Drive HOA, Inc.
Bel Air West HOA, Inc.
Bel-Air Chalet Homeowners Association
Bell Canyon HOA
Benedict Canyon Association
Benedict Hills Estates Association
Benedict Hills HOA, Inc.
Bethany Woods North HOA
Beverly Clifton HOA
Beverly Glen Towers Association
Beverly Hills HOA
Beverly Hills POA
Beverly Hills Townehouse HOA
Beverly Palm HOA, Inc.
Beverly Spalding Court HOA
Beverlywood HOA
Biscuit Company Lofts
Borchard View Townhomes
Bouquet Canyon Hills HOA
Brentwood Hills Homeowners Association
Brentwood Park Property Owners Association
Briarcliffe Towne Homes
Briarwood HOA
Briarwood HOA #1
Briarwood HOA #2
Bridgeport COA
Bridgeport Valencia
Brockman Building Lofts
Buckingham HOA
Bunker Hill Tower
Bunker Hill Tower Association
Burbank Rancho Association
Buttercreek Eatates
Buttercreek Estates HOA
Buttercreek Estates II HOA
Buttercreek Estates III HOA
Buttercreek HOA
Buttercreek I
Buttercreek II HOA
Calabasas Country Estates Owners Association
Calabasas Hills HOA
Calabasas Park Estates Owners Association
Calabasas Park HOA
Calabasas Ridge HOA
Calabasas View HOA
Calabasas Village HOA
Calabasas Village Mobile Estates
California Riviera HOA
California Village HOA
Camarillo Springs
Camarillo Springs Townhomes
Camelot Condo Owners Association
Camelot Estates HOA
Camelot HOA
Camelot Homeowners Association
Canyon Country HOA
Canyon Country Racquet Club HOA
Canyon Country Villas Condo Association, Inc.
Carbon Canyon Homewoners Association
Carlton Square HOA
Casa de la Senda
Casa de Oro Condo Association
Casa Pasadena Condo Association
Cascade Gardens Homeowners Association
Century Hill Association
Century Park Place Condo Association
Century Woods COA
Chateau Creek HOA
Chateau Park Townhomes
Chateau Springs HOA
Chatsworth Country Townhomes Association
Chatsworth Glen HOA
Cherokee Mobile Homeowners Association
Chevy Chase Estates Association, Inc.
City Scene Homeowners Association
Coldwater North Operative, Inc.
Colony at Calabasas
Conejo Valley Homeowners Association
Conejo Valley POA
Cornell Lofts
Coronado City Views
Coronado Homeowners Association
Coronado POA
Coronado Townhomes Homeowners Association
Coto de Caza Community Association
Coto de Caza Master Association
Coto de Caza POA
Coto de Caza Terrace HOA
Country Club Estates
Country Meadows II
Country Meadows III
Country Village I
Country Village II
Country Vista I
Country Vista II
Country Vista III
Countryside I HOA
Countryside II HOA
Creek Side HOA
Creekside Calabasas
Creekside HOA
Creekside II HOA
Crescenta Falls
Crosspointe Village Homeowners Association
Crosswoods Homeowners Association
Crown Valey Parkway Condominium Association
Cypress Cove Homeowners Association
Del Prado Homeowners Association
Desert Air Homeowners Association
Desert Braemar Homeowners Association
Desert Breezes Master Association
Desert Crest Country Club
Desert Grove Homeowners Association
Diplomat HOA, Inc.
Dos Vientos Ranch Estates
Douglas Building Loft
Downtown Property Association
Dupont Gardens HOA
East Hilton Drive Homeowners Association
Eastern Columbian Lofts
Eleven South Lofts
Encino Claridge HOA, Inc.
Encino Condos Owners Association
Encino Estates HOA
Encino Gardens HOA
Encino Hillside Coalition
Encino Margate HOA, Inc.
Encino Newcastle HOA
Encino Oaks HOA
Encino Plaza North Owners Association
Encino Plaza South Owners Association
Encino South Tower Condos HOA, Inc.
Encino Spa HOA, Inc.
Encino Terrace Condo Association
Encino Towers Owners Association
Encino Village HOA
Encino Villas Condo Association, Inc.
Encino-Concord Townhouses
Evergreen Country Villas HOA
Expressions HOA
Fairway Oaks Community Association
Fairways Homeowners Association
Federation Of Hillside and Canyon Associations
First Neighborhood
Floramar Homeowners Association
Flower Street Lofts
Foothill Village Homeowners Association
Forster Homeowners Association
Forster Master Homeowners Association
Forster Ranch Estates
Forster Ranch Master Association
Fountain Park Cooperative, Inc.
Fountainwood HOA
Four Oaks Townhomes Estates Owners Association
Fox Hills Neighborhood Association
Fox Hills Neighbors
Fox Hills Pines HOA
Fox Hills View Condos HOA
Fox View Townhouses HOA
Foxgate Homeowners Association
Foxmoor Estates
French Quarter HOA, Inc.
Friendly Hills Property Owners Association
Friendly Valley Association
Friendly Village Association #1
Friendly Village Association #10
Friendly Village Association #2
Friendly Village Association #3
Friendly Village Association #4
Friendly Village Association #7
Friendly Village Association #9
Fusion at South Bay
Glendale Exec Townhomes
Glendale Oaks HOA
Glendale Rancho Homeowner Association
Glendale Terrace
Granada Hills North Neighborhood Council
Green Meadows Estates
Green Valley Condos Owners Association
Greenbrook Fountain Valley Homeowners Association
Griffith Park Garden Estates
Hamilton Cove Homeowners Association
Hancock Park HOA
Hancock Park Residents Association
Hancock Park Terrace
Hancock Plaza Homeowners Association
Harbor Gate North
Harbor View Hills
Heather Village Association
Hidden Canyon HOA
Hidden Hills Community
Higgens Building Lofts
Hillcrest Gardens
Hillcrest Terrace
Hillcrest Townhomes
Hillrise Open Space Association
Hollywood Homeowners Association
Hollywood POA
Hollywood Versailles Tower
Homeowners of Encino
Hueneme Bay Carefree Living
Huntington Circle Neighborhood Group
Huntington Grove Estates Owners Association
Huntington West Properties
Icon Condominiums
Inglewood Estates HOA, Inc.
Inglewood Estates II
Inglewood Manor HOA, Inc.
Ironwood Owners Association
Kensington HOA
Kester Avenue Townhomes, Inc.
Knowleton Court Condo Owners Association
Knowleton Square HOA
La Fontaine HOA
La Fountaine HOA
La Jolla Shores
Lafayette Park Place Owners Association
Laguna Niguel Community Association
Laguna Village Homeowners Association
Lake Don Pedro Owners Association
Lake Encino HOA Association
Lake Forest Homeowners Association
Lake Forest II Master HOA
Lake Forest POA
Lake Lindero HOA
Lake Lindero Townhomes
Lakeside Village
Larchmont Village Neighborhood Association
Larkspur Village Condo Association
Las Posas Gardens
Las Posas Green
Las Virgenes Hills
Las Virgenes Park HOA
Lassen Village HOA
Laurel Canyon Area Association
Le Parc HOA
Leisure Village Association, Inc.
Leisure World - Laguna Woods
Leisure World Homeowners Association
Lexington Hills
Liberty Canyon Townhomes
Lido Community Association
Little Tokyo Lofts
Loma Vista Homeowners Association
Long Beach Temple Lofts
Los Feliz Imperial Homeowners Association
Los Feliz Improvement Association
Los Feliz Towers
Los Feliz Village
Los Lagos Homeowners Association
Los Robles Estates
Los Robles Townhomes
Lucera Homeowners Association
Luma Lofts
Luma South
Luminaria at Riverpark
Lynnmere HOA
Madison Heights Neighborhood Association
Madison Plaza HOA
Madrone Condominiums
Magnolia Homeowners Association
Malibu Canyon Community
Malibu Canyon Villas HOA
Malibu Colony West HOA
Malibu Country Estates HOA
Malibu Cove Colony Property Owners Association
Malibu Estates HOA
Malibu Gardens Condo Owners Association, Inc.
Malibu La Mer HOA
Malibu Lakeside HOA
Malibu Meadows Property Owners Association
Malibu Pacifica HOA
Malibu Riviera
Malibu Riviera II Property Owners Association, Inc.
Malibu Valley HOA
Malibu West Pacifica

Malibu Zumirez View HOA
Mandalay Beach Townhomes
Marengo Oaks Owners Association
Marlborough Hills
Meadowridge Agoura
Medea Valley Estates
Mesa Village Homeowners Association
Mesquite Country Club
Metropolitan Gardens Homeowners Association
Miracle Mile Residents Association
Montara Estates, Inc.
Montebello Gardens HOA
Monticito Estates
Monticito HOA
Monticito POA
Moorpark Highlands
Moorpark Townhomes Owners Association
Moreno Valley Homeowners Association
Morrison Ranch Estates
Morrison Ranch Estates Homeowners Association
Mount La Jolla Homeowners Association
Mountain Meadows
Mountain Wood Homeowners Association
Mt. Meadows Belmont HOA
Mulholland Heights HOA
Mulholland Heights North HOA
Mulwood HOA
Mura Condominiums
Newbury Hills I
Newbury Hills II
Newhall-Hidden Valley HOA
Nordoff Townhomes HOA
North Beverly Drive-Frankin Canyon HOA
North Beverly Park HOA, Inc.
North Ranch Village
Northbridge Valencia
Northride Village HOA
Northridge / Porter Ranch Community
Northridge County Community Associations
Northwest Glendale Homeowners Association
Oak Knoll Improvement Association
Oakbrook Community Association
Oakbrook Homes II
Oakbrook Townhomes
Oaknoll Condos
Oaks III Homeowners Association
Oakview Garden
Ocean Front Estates
Ocean Plaza Association
Ocean Ranch HOA
Ocean View Ranch Homeowners Association
Oceanside Community Association
Old Agoura Valley HOA
Old Orchard I HOA
Old Vickery Square HOA
Orange Grove Terrace Owners Association
Orange Grove Terraces Owners Association
Orange Grove Townhomes Owners Association
Orange Grove Village I HOA
Orange Grove Village II HOA
Oxford Court HOA
Oxnard Shores
Pacific Hills Community Association
Pacific Hills Homeowners Association
Pacific Homeowners Association
Pacific Knolls Homeowners Association
Palacio del Mar Homeowners Association
Palisades Beach Property Owners Association
Palm Springs Deauville Homeowners Association
Palm Springs Golf and Tennis Condos
Paloma del Sol Homeowners Association
Pan American Lofts
Paradise Hills Association
Park Boulevard Condominiums
Park Labrea Residents Association
Park Sorrento Condo Owners Association, Inc.
Park Terrace Condominiums
Parkmont Village Great HOA
Pasadena Oaks HOA
Pasadena Villa California
Paseo Del Mar Homeowners Association
Peacock Ridge Homes
PGA West Residential Association
Pine Mountain Club
Pinewood West Winds HOA
Placerita Chapparal HOA
Placerita Town & Country HOA
Princess Park Estates HOA
Promenade Owners Association
Promenade Pointe
Promenade West
Puerta Del Sol
Quail Run Homeowners Association
Quail Run POA
Quailridge I
Quailridge II
Racquet Club Villa
Rainbow Glen HOA
Raintree Townhouse Association
Ralston Village
Rancho Adolfo Estates
Rancho California Homeowners Association
Rancho Carillo Homeowners Association
Rancho LaBrea Neighborhood Association
Rancho Las Palmas Homeowners Association
Rancho Mirage Country Club
Rancho Niguel Homeowners Association
Rancho San Clemente Homeowners Association
Rancho Santa Fe Association
Rancho Santa Fe Homeowners Association
Raven's Cove Townhomes, Inc.
Regal Park HOA
Renaissance Summit at Porter Ranch
Rimcrest Homeowners Association
Rockpointe HOA
Roosevelt Garden Townhomes
Roosevelt Lofts
Rowan Building Lofts
Royal Court of Santa Monica
Salton Sea Area Property Owner's Association
San Fernando Valley Homeowners Association
San Fernando Valley POA
Santa Clarita Greenbrier Mobile HOA #1
Santa Monica Bay Towers HOA
Santa Monica Breezes HOA
Santa Monica Palms Owners Association
Santa Monica Terrace HOA
Santee Court
Santee Village
Saugus Canyon HOA, Inc.
Scenic Hills HOA
Sea Colony HOA
Sea Colony HOA II
Sea Colony HOA III
Seco Villas Homeowners Association
Security Building Lofts
Seminole Springs Mobile Park
Shadow Crest Homeowners Association
Shadow Mountain Trails Condo Association, Inc.
Shadow Oaks HOA
Shadow Ridge at Oakpark
Shadowcrest Homeowners Association
Sherman Oaks Homeowners Association
Sherman Way Townhomes Association, Inc.
Shoreham Towers Homeowners Association
Sierra Madre Villa Neighborhood Association
Sierra Towers Condo Association
Sierra Towers HOA
Sierra Village HOA
Silver Lake Improvement Association
Silver Lake Residents Association
Silver Lakes Homeowners Association
Simi Valley Le Parc Homeowners Association
Sinaloa Villas
Skyline Condominiums
Skyline Townhomes Homeowners Association
Soledad Canyon POA
Spring Valley Lake Associations
Studio City Homeowners Association
Studio City Villas
Studio North Townhomes HOA
Summit Above Beverly Hills HOA
Sun Lakes County Club
Sunset Doheny Homes Association
Sunset Plaza Terrace HOA
Surfside HOA
Surfside II
Surfside III
Tara Hill HOA
Tarzana Atrium Townhomes HOA
Tarzana Capri Condo Association, Inc.
Tarzana Courts HOA, Inc.
Tarzana Property Owners Association
Tarzana Villa North
Textile Building Lofts
The Burbank Collection
The Chapman
The Coast Homeowners Association
The Colony at California Oaks
The Hollywood Condominiums
The Los Padres Estates Property Owners Association
The Madison
The Mark
The Mercury Lofts
The Oaks at Newhall HOA
The Pergola HOA
The Pinnacle Museum Tower
The Savoy Condominiums
The Savoy Homeowners Association
Three Springs Meadows
Toluca Continental Townhomes
Toluca Court HOA
Toluca Estates Drive HOA
Toluca Gardens HOA, Inc.
Toluca Lake HOA
Toluca Lake POA
Toluca Lake Villas HOA, Inc.
Toluca Lake-Side East Owners Association
Toluca Lake-Side Owners Association
Toluca Townhomes HOA, Inc.
Tolucan Villas HOA, Inc.
Topanga Townhomes Association
Topanga Townhomes Condo Association
Town & Country
Town and Country Homeowners Association
Town and Country POA
Town and Country Townhomes
Toy Warehouse Lofts
Trousdale Estates HOA
Tuolumne Oaks
Turtle Rock Homeowners Association
Turtle Rock POA
Tuscany HOA
Valencia Central Valley
Valencia Fairways HOA, Inc.
Valencia Gardens HOA, Inc.
Valencia Hills HOA
Valencia Lakeshore Condo Association
Valencia North Valley HOA
Valencia Northbridge HOA
Valencia Racquet Club HOA
Valencia South Valley HOA
Valencia Summit
Valencia Vista Condo HOA
Valencia-Mayfair HOA
Valle di Oro
Valley Circle Estates Woodland Hills HOA
Valley Circle Garden Homes Association
Valley Circle Townhomes OA
Varsity Park Estates HOA
Varsity Park Patio Homes
Varsity Park South HOA
Varsity Park Village HOA
Varsity Park Villas HOA
Venezia Village Townhomes
Venice Canals Association
Vero Condominiums
Verona at Porter Ranch
Villa Andorra
Villa Andorra Condo Association
Villa Encino HOA
Villa Milano Homeowners Association
Villa Santorini
Villa Valencia Homeowners Association
Village Green Owners Association
Village Green Owners Association
Village Green POA
Village Grove Mobile Homeowners Association
Vista Pointe Owners Association
Vista Valencia Townhomes HOA, Inc.
Warner Village I
Warner Village III
Warner West Condo Association
Warner Woodlands II
Warner Woods HOA, Inc.
West Creek
Westchester House HOA
Westchester Playa del Rey
Westlake Bay
Westlake Colony
Westlake Cove
Westlake Pointe HOA
Westlake Terrace HOA
Westlake Trails
Westment North #2
Westmont North Homeowners Association No. 2
Westmont North Homeowners Association No. 4
Westridge Calabasas Park HOA
Westridge Estates
Westridge HOA
Westwood Neighborhood Council
Whitley Townhomes Condominium Association
Wildwood Ranch HOA
Wildwood Township
Willows HOA
Willows II HOA
Wilshire House Homeowners Association
Wilshire Ocean Terrace Owners Association
Wilshire Selby Towers West Condo Association
Wilshire Westwood Terrace HOA
Wilshire-Princeton Owners Association
Windsong Community Association
Windsor Castle Owners Association
Windsor Village Community Association
Winston Square Homeowners Association
Wintergardens Terrace Homeowners Association
Wood Ranch Cantrice
Wood Ranch Fairways
Wood Ranch Lakepark
Wood Ranch Legacy
Zuma Bay Villas
Zuma Mesa HOA
Zuma Mesa Property Owners Association

We would like to thank those members of the following homeowner association and property management companies who have attended our free homeowner association legal seminars:

Aberdeen Management Company, Inc.
Accell Property Management
A-Creative Property Management
Action Property Management
Active Property Management
All About Property Management
AM / PM Property Management
Amber Property Management
AMS Realty
Anchor Community Management
Anchor Property Management
Associa Management Company
Association Management Systems
Association Services
Association Services of Anaheim
Association Services of Ventura
Association Solutions
Avalon Management Group
Balboa Management Group
Baldwin Real Estate Services
Bali Management, Inc.
Bartlein & Company, Inc.
Beven & Brock Property Management
Bowker & Roth Property Services
Braemar Management Corp.
Brockmen Properties, Inc.
Cammarata Management
Campion and Company
Cardinal Property Management
Cardinal Property Management
Carnahan & Associates
Classic Property Management, Inc.
Coast Management
Coast Property Management
Community Property Management
Condominium Administration Co., Inc.
Condominium Management Services
CR Property Management
Crown Management Services
Crown Property Management
Curtis Management Company
Desert Management
Desert Resort Management
EHM Association Property Management
Emmons Company
Empire Management
Empire West Property Management
Equitable Management
Euclid Management Company
Fidelity Management, Inc.
First Columbia
GJ Property Services
GM Management Services
Gold Coast Association Management
Gold Coast Management
Golden State Management Company
Golden West Property Management
Griswold Real Estate Management
Hamond & Hamond
Harris Properties
HBH Management and Consulting
HOA Management Professionals, Inc.
Hoag Property Management
Horizon Management Company
Investors Management
Jenkins Property Management Co.
Keystone Pacific Property Management
LB Property Management
Liberty Property Management
Lordon Management Company
Management Professionals, Inc.
Management Solutions
Marquis Management Company
MD Property Management
Merit Property Management
Miller & Desatnik Management Co., Inc.
Mink Condominium Management & Consulting
MN Community Association Management
N.N. Jaeschke, Inc.
Nansco Management
O'Neill Associates
Optimum Property Management
Overview Management Company
Pac West Management
Pacific Coast Management
Park Place Management
Parkside Property Management
Preferred Association Management
Prellis Property Management
Premier Property Services
Progressive Community Management
Property Management Solutions, Inc.
RC Management
Real Estate Management Services, Inc.
Real Support Property Management
Rodeo Realty
Ross Morgan & Company
RPM Services
Save by Owner
Save by Owner Realty
Secure One Properties
Standard Management Company
Tandem Property Management, Inc.
The Emmons Co.
The Management Company
The Management Emporium
The Prescott Companies
The Property Management Company
Tiebold Asset Management, Inc.
Top Notch Services
Transpacific Companies
Transpacific Management Service
TSG Management
Valencia Management Group
Vanco Properties
Villageway Property Management
Vitco Property Management
Walters Management
Wespac Management Group
West Coast Management
Westcoast Property Management
Westcoast Rental Property Management
Westcom Property Services
Westside Management Group
Wilshire Pacific Equities
Wood Ranch Management Co.
Yale Management

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